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Identifying the challenges that, inexcusably, we have to face in order to choose for a sustainable future.


Preparing the full range of possible and achievable scenarios that await us.


Choosing the possible scenario, achievable, desirable and sustainable.


Determining the Strategy in the short, medium and long term with greater margins of freedom, as well as with lower doses of risk and uncertainty depending on the chosen scenario-bet, in a world in constant change and in transition towards a sustainable economic model and climatically neutral.


To ensure a watchdog role with respect to the factors that exert an influence on our evolution in the medium and long term, identifying the opportunities and threats that present themselves to us and examining those new approaches and changes in current strategies, so that they can be redesigned with guarantees of success, for its start-up, as well as improved and adapted to the disruptive demographic, technological and climate changes that have already begun, in an efficient manner.


Detecting the genealogy of power, innovations, trends, ideas and future-bearing facts.


Learning in depth the real functioning of our complex system and how it could be controlled.


Evaluating the impact that the changes and mutations that are taking place outside and within our system are causing us: company, institution, city, region, country, economic sector, etc.


Discovering the most strategic, first-order and emerging factors that condition the functioning of the system.

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